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what is a chemical?

When I tried to describe what entities were covered by toxicology, I thought ‘that’s easy, it’s chemicals’! But it is very important to note that not all chemicals are ‘bad’, that the body is composed of chemicals, and we could not live without chemicals (as well as finding many chemicals useful and convenient). There are also different terms, some used interchangeably, some with important differences and meanings. This post will try and clarify the matter, and explore how these definitions affect toxicology. It is a work in progress!

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what is toxicology (tox) ?

Toxicology is the study of chemicals and similar items that can affect human health, or the environment.

The aim of this post is to describe the important aspects of toxicology, as they relate to an understanding of systems toxicology. Toxicology spans biology and chemistry, and can include politics, geography, economics, social science and much more. There are many good toxicology textbooks that describe this fascinating field in fuller detail.  Continue reading

welcome to the systems toxicology blog

Welcome to this new blog on systems toxicology (systox). SysTox is an emerging area of computational toxicology and draws heavily on Systems Biology, the study of biological entities as systems. SysTox is a fascinating, emerging field and this blog is part of my interest in the emerging area, with which I hope to engage as a toxicologist.

Comments on, and any other kind of input to, this blog are extremely welcome.