This page will collect information and links to systems toxicology resources, suggestions for links are very welcome and please consider this list a work in progress…


systox2013: was held in Switzerland in April/May 2013, but did not appear to be repeated in 2014.

I am not aware of other conferences specific to systox, but most of the toxicology conferences now have at least a session on AOPs and/or systems toxicology. I would like to publicise future conferences and meetings on this blog, so please send links via the comments or by email




tt21c: Unilever page on ‘safety science in the 21st Century’


There are many databases that could be relevant to systems toxicology, so this section is for databases specifically aimed at systems toxicology.

AOP Wiki: this wiki became public-access at the end of September 2014, and collects information on particular AOPs.




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